Please note that as of  December 1, 2020, we will no longer be accepting Publishing clients unless you are a ghostwriting client. We are converting to a full ghostwriting company. 

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Congratulations to Tanisha Mackin Publishing, LLC for winning the 2020 Best of McDonough Award for the 3rd consecutive year.  This has qualified Tanisha Mackin Publishing, LLC to become McDonough Business Hall of Fame.  We are excited and we thank everyone who has supported our business and company.

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We are looking for authors, aspiring authors and individuals who would love to share their story about having cancer, being a cancer survivor or being a caregiver, friend or family member to someone dealing with cancer or transitioned from cancer.  

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BlaQVersity April Cover Model

I am honored and blessed to grace the cover of BlaQVersity Magazine April Edition. This article gives an insight of who I am and why I do what I do.

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What's Next, Sis?

Grab your glass of wine, matter of fact, grab the entire bottle and read this eBook.  Learn how to mourn heartbreak in a healthy way, then move past it.

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