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Co-Author's Wanted

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Or becoming a best-selling author? Here is your opportunity to do both. TV & Radio personality Jae Nash is looking for 15+ women to be a co-author in her new book, Girl Power UNCENSORED.  She is looking for raw and uncut stories about self-love.  If you would like to become a co-author CLICK HERE to receive more information.

Glambitious Guide to Being an Entrepreneur

Powered By: Glam Boss

Co-Authored By: Tanisha Mackin

Guide to Being an Entrepreneur powered by GlamBoss and co-authored by Tanisha Mackin.  This e-book shares the stories about the start into entrepreneurship, the doubt associated with entrepreneurship, the process, the win and the business lessons learned told by several entrepreneurs including Tanisha Mackin.  CLICK HERE to purchase your e-book.

Tears from a Prison Yard

By: John A. Smith

Based on real life experiences, this book is an compilation of emotions, opinions, and expressions based on realities of being incarcerated. Each story discusses the pain and hurt that families face while serving time with a prisoner, a prisoners prospective of life behind bars and the outside world and the harsh reality faced by prisoners on a daily bases.

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Fatherless Son

By: Danyell L. Mackin Jr.

Danyell knows all to well how it feels to lose a father to violence.  His main goal is to help other children just like him with this book and journal combination.

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My Testimony

I Don't Look Like What I've Been Through

Purchase your copy of the Bestseller, My Testimony.  Learn about how Tanisha deals with life 5 years after the death of her husband, becoming a single mother, surviving cancer and rebuilding relationships.


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A Vision Affirmation Coloring Booklet

Pre-Order your copy of A Vision Affirmation Coloring Booklet today!!  Created by Judy "Jae" Nash and Tanisha Mackin, they developed this vision affirmation coloring booklet to restart your creative side and to help you focus on your goals.  With this booklet, you can refocus and re-center your mind on your goals while coloring and relaxing.

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