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About Tanisha Mackin

Award Winning and 10X Best Selling Author, Tanisha D. Mackin was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Tanisha is an Author, Ghostwriter, Philanthropist, Publisher and Travel Writer. Tanisha used her tragedies to help and motivate others through their pain. Tanisha knows all too well about violence and how it can affect the lives of family members. She was inspired to not focus on the negative and focus on the positive of her heartaches. She started the Mackin Miracles, formally known as the Mackin Project to assist widows and children who've recently lost a spouse or parent to violence.

When asked what inspired this colon cancer survivor to work hard, Tanisha has to look no further than her two beautiful children. A recipient of the 2013 Utopian Euphoria Making A Difference, 2016 Metro Phenomenal Women, 2016 Black Women Are Award for survivorship, the 2016 IALA award for Memoir of the year for her book, My Testimony, I Don't Look Like What I've Been Through, the Women In The Spotlight GoinGlobal 2016 Rising Star Award, the 2018 Best of McDonough, 2019 McDonough Business Hall of Fame (Best of McDonough), the ACHI Magazine 2019 Author of the Year Award, the 2020 McDonough Business Hall of Fame, the Crown Yourself 2020 Publisher Award, 2021 McDonough Business Hall of Fame the 2021 ForHER Celebration of the Brown Skin Girl and 2022 McDonough Business Hall of Fame (5 consecutive years). As well as gracing the cover of several magazines (Writer's Life, Glambitious, BlaQVersity,  Purpose & Profit and Author BAE). Her experiences has led Tanisha to write several books, write for several magazines, appear on radio and television shows. It also led Tanisha to help others share their stories through writing by becoming a ghostwriter and publisher. She has worked on several books and book tours including a book tour for Pastor Rhonda Henderson and 4x grammy award winning and reality star Stevie J. Tanisha became a #1 Best Selling Author with her eBook, What's Next, Sis? that she released unexpectedly in September 2019 and she became #1 Best Selling Author with her book collaboration with Actress and Comedian Kim Cole (Open Your G.I.F.T.S).  Tanisha is now a Bestselling Ghostwriter and Publisher. Tanisha became a Brand Ambassador for SwagHer Magazine in 2018. July 2018, Tanisha had the opportunity to share her testimony at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. In 2019, Tanisha founded Rebuilding After Bullsh*t, an outlet where women can get together during brunch or dinner and talk about how they are rebuilding their lives after going through bull. 

Tanisha decided in December of 2020 to expand her business and take her love and passion for writing and convert her company to a full ghostwriting company.  Tanisha received her Ghostwriting Business Diploma in October of 2021. Tanisha is very excited for this new journey.

Tanisha is here to be an encouragement to others who may be going through the hardships of life. Like a butterfly, Tanisha represents the never ending cycle of life.


Congratulations to Tanisha Mackin for being the 2020 Publisher Honoree for the Crown Yourself Conference. Thank everyone who has supported our business and company.