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Tanisha Mackin the Author

Tanisha Mackin the Author

Tanisha's first love is writing.  Writing helped her heal after the tragic death of her husband in 2010. Tanisha started to write books to share her story and help others that may be experiencing loss and grief. Tanisha's books have become bestselling books and led her to her second passion, which is fiction writing.  In 2022, Tanisha found a love for fiction and has released her very first fiction book in January of 2022 and plan to continue to write more books along her journey.  Tanisha's books can be found on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and where all books are sold online.

These Dudes for Everybody

Finding love in this day and age is one of the hardest things to do, especially, when the man that you like, dating or in love with, is entertaining several other women behind your back.  Take a journey with four women, Stacey, KaTrina, Shari, and RiRi, with different backgrounds and stories but are on the same roller coaster ride called love.  Will these ladies find love? Or is the saying true, these dudes for everybody? Mature Audience ‚Äč

These Dudes for Everybody

G.O.A.T (Girl Of All Time)

Meet Treasure, a self-made multi-millionaire, who seemingly has everything in the world at her disposal or so it seems.  Despite all her success, she unfortunately has no one to share it with and is now looking for a king to fill the void in her life.  Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Treasure relocated to Atlanta, GA to start a new life leaving family and friends behind.  She sought refuge in a new town to escape the pain and agony that her ex-husband caused.  While in Atlanta with her best friend Simone, Treasure encounters a few relationships that drain her mentally, physically, and spiritually.  A loyal woman, Treasure will stand by her man's side no matter what.  The only problem with that is, they are all unappreciative bums that take her for granted. Treasure makes each man's life better while they in turn attempt to destroy what she has built.  If it wasn't for her, most of them would not be in the position that they're in now and that fact alone makes Treasure the GOAT, Girl of All Time... Mature Audience