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What Our Clients Are Saying

It is with great pleasure and adoration that I express my gratitude, for this Amazing ghostwriter, editor, publisher, and author. Tanisha Mackin Publishing is the most incredible and easy Book Publisher to use for anyone who desires or wants to get their book completed. They are so professional, caring and very knowledgeable about the work. I recommend TANISHA MACKIN PUBLISHING to anyone who is ready to get their book on the shelf. Thank you for such a great experience through the process​.”

Overseer Shyremia Latham

Bestselling Author

Working with Tanisha and writing my story from prison helped me to stop looking out the window and start looking in the mirror and fixing myself.

John A. Smith - Tears From a Prison Yard

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated working with you. You really made this publishing journey a breeze in the park. You're really great at what you do. Your communication is everything and more. I couldn't have picked a better company to publish my journal.I would definitely be working with you soon. Again thanks for everything!!!

Tiara Spearman 

CEO of Beauty Bandage Luxury Experience

Tanisha Mackin is absolutely wonderful. I’m a new author and Tanisha made the publishing process simple. She provided detailed materials to help me better understand the process. Tanisha is passionate about helping others see their dreams come to fruition. She was very attentive and responded to all my questions within 24 hours or less. I appreciate her for supporting me through this process. I recommend her to anyone who wants to publish a book. 

Dr. Lakeisha Carter - My Dreams Will Come True

“I am forever grateful for Tanisha Mackin Publishing company. When I first signed on, I was uncertain as a first-time author. I doubt my abilities to write my truth. Tanisha laid out a blueprint on how I can organize and write my story. She made what seemed difficult simple. Tanisha and her team made me feel safe to trust them with editing and putting together my story. While working on my book I received excellent support. With the support of Tanisha Mackin Publishing company, I was able to complete my book. Tanisha Mackin Publishing company helped me bring my vision to life!! My book is so beautiful! Every time I look at it, I get emotional. I can’t wait to work on my next project. Thank you!”

Sharona Stone - I Fell in Love with a Fugitive

What our customers are saying

One of the most down to earth people I know.  This being my first time publishing a book, Tanisha made the process easy and fun.  She has a gift of bringing your story to life while taking you on a adventurous journey.

Pharaoh Kelley - Insurmountable Victory

The customer service at Tanisha Mackin Publishing LLC. was by far one of the most responsive and professional I have ever experienced. The team really works to manifest the vision and goals of the author. I was very impressed by the amount of dedication to detail and quick turnaround with every step of the process. I always knew where we were on the journey and what I needed to do next for the road ahead. I really enjoyed publishing my first book with this company and will certainly use them for my future endeavors.”

Tea Peachez 

The Naked Peach - Bestselling Author

Tanisha Mackin Publishing is very professional but personable and that made the experience so much easier. Super knowledgeable!!! Just an all around amazing person to work with.

Erica Lynn

Bestselling Author

“This was so much easier for me then I expected. Tanisha handled everything from issues with editing, formatting, and publishing to just answering my questions! Professional, transparent, reasonably priced. Love it!”

Crystal Harris & Kelsea D. Miller

Life Coach

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4. Married To Fitness - Genise Shelton (Bravo's Married To Medicine)

5. Tears From a Prison Yard - John A. Smith

6. What's Next, Sis? - Tanisha Mackin #1 Amazon's Bestseller

7. I Fell In Love With A Fugitive - Sharona Stone #1 New Release

8. Words from a Widow - Tanisha Mackin Anthology #1 New Release

9. Rebuilding After Bullsh*t - Tanisha Mackin Anthology #1 New Release

10. Divorce, Death & Dating - Treasure Hutchinson

11. God's Best Kept Secret - Shyremia Latham #1 Bio & Memoir

12. The Naked Peach - Tea Peachez #1 New Release in Literary Diaries & Journals

13. Five Star Groupie - Erica Lynn

14. The Trials & Errors of a Pastor's Wife - Margaret A. Wells #1 New Release

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