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Sharing Inspirational Stories Through Writing...

We are an inspirational based publishing company.  We believe that sharing your story of inspiration and healing not only heals you, but helps to heal your audience. We know everyone has a story and it is our job to help you get your story told through writing.  No story is too big or too small.  We offer several different packages that fit your ghostwriting & publishing needs.  All interactions are confidential.  A deposit and signed agreement must be completed before we can begin work and all payments must be paid before the book can be released.

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Please note that as of  December 1, 2020, we will no longer be accepting Publishing clients unless you are a ghostwriting client. We are converting to a full ghostwriting company.

Q: How long is the Ghostwriting & publishing process?

A: The process can take anywhere from 3 months to a year from the day you sign the agreement. If you would like your book processed before this timeframe, we can expedite services for an additional cost.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: We offer payment options. We will put you on a payment plan and payments are due the 1st of each month. A deposit of 25% MUST be made before work can start.

Q: Can you customize your ghostwriting packages?

A: At this time, our packages are as they say.  We will not customize our packages.

Q: How much will copies of my book cost?

A: Depending on the final page count, copies of your book may range from $3-$6.  We will not know until the final upload is completed and approved.

Q: What is the difference between Full and Partial Ghostwriting?

A: Our full ghostwriting services is where we fully write your book with no assistance from you. We do several interviews and we will write your book.  Partial ghostwriting services is where, we will assist you with writing your book.  Either we will finish chapters, write a few chapters, organize your book and etc.

Full Ghostwriting Service

Our full ghostwriting services is for authors who are unable to share their story with the world due to time, unable to write or etc. We will write your full manuscript. This package also includes publishing services. If you our using our payment plan option, it will require a 25% deposit.

Partial Ghostwriting Services

Our partial ghostwriting services is for our authors who cannot finish their story due to time, writer's block and etc.  We will complete your manuscript and publish your book. If you our using our payment plan option, it will require a 25% deposit.

Bestsellers under Tanisha Mackin Publishing, LLC

1. My Testimony, I Don't Look Like What I've Been Through - Tanisha Mackin

2. Love Said F*** You Too!!! - Roxanne Danielle

3. Words Do Hurt - LaToya N. Williams

4. Married To Fitness - Genise Shelton (Bravo's Married To Medicine)

5. Tears From a Prison Yard - John A. Smith

6. What's Next, Sis? - Tanisha Mackin #1 Amazon's Bestseller

7. I Fell In Love With A Fugitive - Sharona Stone #1 New Release

8. Words from a Widow - Tanisha Mackin Anthology #1 New Release

9. Rebuilding After Bullsh*t - Tanisha Mackin Anthology #1 New Release

10. Divorce, Death & Dating - Treasure Hutchinson

11. God's Best Kept Secret - Shyremia Latham #1 Bio & Memoir

12. The Naked Peach - Tea Peachez #1 New Release in Literary Diaries & Journals

What Our Customers Are Saying

Tanisha Mackin is absolutely wonderful. I’m a new author and Tanisha made the publishing process simple. She provided detailed materials to help me better understand the process. Tanisha is passionate about helping others see their dreams come to fruition. She was very attentive and responded to all my questions within 24 hours or less. I appreciate her for supporting me through this process. I recommend her to anyone who wants to publish a book. 

Dr. Lakeisha Carter - My Dreams Will Come True

Book Signing & 

Book Tour Services

Working a book tour in Buffalo, NY and Atlanta, GA for Author Pastor Rhonda D. Henderson and 4x Grammy Winner and Reality TV star, Stevie J.