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Rebuilding After Bullsh*t

"We Rebuilding and Healing"...


Get ready for the 2nd Annual Rebuilding After Bullsh*t Brunch

Rebuilding After Bullsh*t was established May 2019 after Tanisha released her 6th book.  This program was based off her book, Living My Best Life on my Own Terms.  As women, we go through ALOT and we tend to hold the world on our shoulders.  Rebuilding After Bullsh*t is designed to empower women to rebuild their lives after going through bulls*t such as loss, sickness, broken relationships, failed businesses and etc. This program was created for women to get together during brunch or dinner and discuss the obstacles that we are currently facing or faced and how we are rebuilding after that.  This is a private and safe place for us to connect with each other.  No judgement, no videos, no social media.

Keya White was presented with the 2019 Rebuilder of the Year award from Tanisha Mackin.

What our customers are saying

The stories shared around the room, hunty!! I cried the entire time.  We are all going or been through some storms and being able to hear what other women have been through made my storms seem like a thunderstorms to their hurricanes. I cannot wait for the next one.

Nichelle Gray