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Author Tanisha D. Mackin

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Rebuilding After Bullsh*t

Rebuilding After Bullsh*t was founded in 2019 by Author and Publisher Tanisha Mackin. 

Rebuilding after bulls*t was create to empower women to rebuild their lives after going through bullsh*t that was meant to destroy them.

We are rebuilding after:

Sexual Assault
Failed Businesses
Domestic Violence
Broken Relationships

Rebuilding After Bullsh*t Annual Brunch

Our goal is to have our annual Rebuilding After Bullsh*t Brunch in Buffalo, NY each year.  The purpose of the brunch is to get women together and have conversations about what they are going through and how they are rebuilding after the bull.  These conversations are private in a intimate setting.  We laugh, cry, uplift and encourage each other.  Our next brunch will be in 2020, more information to follow.

Rebuilding After Bull Anthology

We are looking for 10 women to bless this book.

We would love for you to be a co-author in this book to share your story on how you rebuilt your life after going through some bullsh*t that tried to destroy you.  This is the 716 Edition.

Benefits of being a co-author:

FREE copies of the book

Purchase more copies of the book at a wholesale price

A chance to fellowship with other co-authors

Becoming a bestselling author

Brunch & Book launch

And more.....

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