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Ghostwriting & Publishing


Ready to Publish Your Bestseller?

Are you ready to share your story but you are unable to organize your words or you don't have the time to write it?  Let Tanisha Mackin Publishing write your masterpiece.  We will be honored to assist you with your story.

What is a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a person who is hired to write material such as music, speeches and books for someone who is the named author.  

Tanisha Mackin is an award-winning and bestselling author with over 20 years experience in writing and 10 years experience in ghostwriting and publishing books.

How Does Ghostwriting Work?

Ghostwriting projects are different with each client, the process of ghostwriting typically involves the following steps:

CONSULTATION (Phone or Video)

We have an initial conversation where we see if we are a great fit for each other.  During this 30 minute call, you will be able to ask us questions and we will learn more about your project and the services we can provide for you.


After our consultation, we will send you a project proposal for your review.  This proposal will include the price of the package, whats included in the package and your payment options.


Once you decide that you are ready to continue with Tanisha Mackin Publishing, you will have the option to pay in full or pay a deposit.  Once the deposit has been made and your agreement has been signed, we can start with your project.


We will meet in-person, over the phone or via video conference to go over your book outline.  This will help us with the process of writing and the flow of the book.  We call this process the "blueprint."


We will start to schedule appointments to conduct interviews with you.  We will meet via telephone or video conference to take notes and record transcripts of your story so we can write several chapters at a time.


Once we completed the interviews needed to write your book, we retreat to our quiet place to write your masterpiece.  Note that this will be a back and forth process until we get your first draft exactly how you would like it.


This is where you will get involved.  The named author will have the chance to read the draft and add or subtract to their story and clarify ideas, names, dates, and etc.  

Please note that there are deadlines for each step.


After the final draft is approved, we will put the manuscript through our editing and proofreading team.  After the client approve the edits, we will format and design the interior layout to prepare your book for publishing.

Bestsellers Under Tanisha Mackin Publishing

1. My Testimony, I Don't Look Like What I've Been Through - Tanisha Mackin

2. Love Said F*** You Too!!! - Roxanne Danielle

3. Words Do Hurt - LaToya N. Williams

4. Married To Fitness - Genise Shelton (Bravo's Married To Medicine)

5. Tears From a Prison Yard - John A. Smith

6. What's Next, Sis? - Tanisha Mackin #1 Amazon's Bestseller

7. I Fell In Love With A Fugitive - Sharona Stone #1 New Release

8. Words from a Widow - Tanisha Mackin Anthology #1 New Release

9. Rebuilding After Bullsh*t - Tanisha Mackin Anthology #1 New Release

10. Divorce, Death & Dating - Treasure Hutchinson

11. God's Best Kept Secret - Shyremia Latham #1 Bio & Memoir

12. The Naked Peach - Tea Peachez #1 New Release in Literary Diaries & Journals

13. Five Star Groupie - Erica Lynn

14. The Trials & Errors of a Pastor's Wife - Margaret A. Wells #1 New Release

15. These Dudes for Everybody - Tanisha Mackin

16. Tools for a Powerful Prayer Life - Shyremia Latham #1 New Release & #1 90-Min Religion & Spiritual Short Reads

17. Her Deepest Secrets - LaToya Davenport #71 90-Min Literature & Short Read

18. A Few Bad Moves - Noelan Dudley #25 in Crime & Criminal Bio & #29 in Two-Hour Biography & Memoirs Short Reads