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But Did You Die?

Feb 1, 2020

I am excited to see a new year and a new month.  Although, with the recent loss of Kobe Bryant, something that is so heartbreaking, I can say that my first month in 2020 was great. 2019, was not a great year for me and it wasn't all bad. The heartbreak that I endured, the loss of friendships and family-ships (yes a word I made up) and the loss of a few loved ones to death, taught me so much. I was able to sit back, be quiet and reinvent myself into the person that I was destined to be.  I let these events in my life break me all the way down, but God must break you down only to build you back up into the person he wanted you to become.  I took my pain and turned it into a profit with my #1 bestselling book, "What's Next, Sis?" I was able to focus more on myself instead of friendships and I realized that life is wayyyy to short to be anything but great.  So, I thank everyone who played a part in my breakdown in 2019, because I came out on top.  What doesn't kill you, will make you stronger.  So with that being said, I would love to ask the question, "but did you die?" Be grateful for everything, because the things you go through are here to teach you a lesson so you can become a better you.

What the Coronavirus means to me....

March 13, 2020

For the last few days all we have heard on the news is coronavirus this and coronavirus that, and I am sick of hearing about it.  But when I sat back and realized what this means to me, my vision became much clearer.  All we do is go, go and go.  There seems like there is not that many hours in the day and we push ourselves to the limit.  But now, the country is in a state of emergency and we cannot move like we are use to.  This virus taught me this:

1. Sometimes we need to just sit and be still.  Sometimes we need a break from the world to refocus, regroup and refresh, so when its time to enter the world again, we are ready for anything. So take this time to work on your business plan, reconnect with family and friends, or just be still and reconnect with God.

2. Have you set up an emergency fund? I get it, sometimes it is hard to put away at least $1000 for emergencies, but what this state of emergency has taught me is, put some money away for a rainy day.  We are quarantined to our homes for 2 weeks, do we have enough food? Do we have enough supplies to last us? What if something else goes wrong, can we cover it?  This situation has taught me to put some money aside for times like these.

3. My children are home from school for the next 2 weeks.  This is the time to get reacquaint with your children.  Learn their likes and dislikes? Spend time with them.  Do things they like to do.  Take advantage of this time with them because they grow up so fast.

Although this virus has been a pain in our ass, please continue to look at the positive in each situation.  Our lives are so busy that God told us to pause for a minute, take life in and refocus.  This is what this virus means to me.

Love, Tanisha xoxo

New Blog Coming Soon....

January 15, 2019

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