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About Tanisha's Traveling Bag

Tanisha Mackin decided to combine her two loves (travel & writing) and became certified in Travel Writing in December 2021.  Tanisha's goal is to inspire and encourage everyone to travel and see the world no matter your budget. Tanisha developed a magazine to give reviews on hotels, food, activities and etc.  In June 2022, she was offered to do her own traveling show on InspireU Network and will premiere this fall.  Join Tanisha and her family as they travel the world and show you different places, cultures, food and adventures. Tanisha's Traveling Bag Show was created to inspire others to live life to the fullest and travel. Watch and see where Tanisha's bag takes her next.


Commercial slots are now available for Season One & Season Two of Tanisha's Traveling Bag Show scheduled to air this Fall.  Available on ROKU, iTunes, Google, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV and more.  Click the link below to receive more information.

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